January 25, 2020

Bills 1957 MGA Restoration

Here we have Bills  57′ MGA,  Bill has owned the car for a pretty long time now, and it suffered from an old restoration that needed alot of help. The car Wasnt in the worst shape when we got it, but had alot of little holes, and some poorley installed rust patches.  When we get a car with an older restoration we like to strip the car back down to metal to remove all the old material and know what we are starting with. Then we dissassembled the car down to make sure we had Everything fully stripped.

After Stripping the car down, we adressed the bad metal patches, fixed alot of old trim holes that were no longer needed, and started adressing the body work. After all of the metal work was done, we bolted the body panels back on and started checking our panel fitment. After that is complete and the body is lined up with perfect gaps, we can start on the body work, working one panel at a time, we work it to prefection untill we move onto the next one. Once the body work is complete, we go over all of our panels one last time, and dissassemble the car for block sanding and re-priming to make sure we have the straightest body panels when we bring this thing to the MGA shows.

Once that long process is done we fully clean and wash the whole car to remove ALL dust, debris, dirt, and grime to insure we will have the cleanest possible finish. Once that is done we let the car dry over night and blow it out several times with high pressure air to get the last of the dust off the body, and spend a few hours cleaning our paint booth to make sure the paint work comes out as clean as can be. Once all of that work is completed we can finally jack the car high up in the air, remove the tires, and begin our strategic tape up job to insure the highest in paint coverage and quality and to keep parts that we dont want to paint ( interior, suspension, ect) Safe from our beautiful British racing Green paint.

Once the paint is paid on we can let the car dry for a few days to let all the chemicals settle out of it, and then begin our wet sanding and polishing to get the ultimate smooth, wet looking finish. Once that is done we buff the entire car to get the super high gloss finish we desire, and we can start assembling the car back together, After the assembly we go over the entire car once more with polish for that ultimate in shine, and finish off the whole job with a complete cleaning, inside, outside, and engine bay, because nobody wants to get a dirty car back from the body shop.

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