January 28, 2020

We’re a One-Stop Shop

We have 4 bays, with room for 4 car 'slots' each! 4 slots for mechanical, 8 slots for collision, 1 slot for frame straightening, 2 slots for auto styling and detailing, 2 slots for painting. That means you have less of a wait time.

All your car services, all in one place.

Ever feel like you have a billion places to go when working with your car? First you have to do the lube and tune. Then, the dealer for something or other.

But wait! You just got a ding in the supermarket parking lot! Oh no! Should I take it in or just leave it? What about that rust I saw on the rocker?

Now there’s a headlight out, then it’s a bald tire, now it’s going to snow sometime this month… argh!

Why go to many auto repair shops, when you can go to ONE auto center?

But why go to 7 places – when you can go to one? That’s why we created The Ultimate Auto Center, where you can get all your maintenance, mechanical, and auto body repair in one place. Why deal with 5 auto repair shops, dealers, a dozen auto mechanics, when you can just talk to Lew?

We do it all.

Less time running around for you.

As you can see, we do it all. And that means knowing who is working on your car every time. Allow us to show you how easy and comfortable it is to work with us.

Preventative maintenance – and less money over time.

Ever feel like if you had just known about a problem you would have been happy to fix it? What if there was someone that could keep you informed about upcoming costs?

There is: Ultimate Restoration. Using us as your one stop shop will allow us to regularly maintenance your car so it’s safe and clean. The more we help you with your car, the more we can alert you of potential problems, and the better you can budget your transportation costs over time.

You want a total solution.

You don’t just want your car fixed, you want a solution for the whole transportation thing. We’ll help you make the right decisions about your car – now and forever.

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