January 25, 2020

Our Ultimate 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection

What is our Ultimate 11-Point VSI?

Get FREE with the type of service described on this page.

Performed FREE on every servicing we perform. Any job, big or small, we keep your car and your family safe.

We don’t just ‘get the job done’ – our ultimate concern is your safety.

Our 11-Point VSI (Visual Safety Inspection) is our dedication to you, our customer. Our goal is to ensure your car’s safety – and your family’s safety – on the road for the life of your car.

So you’re coming in for a radiator flush, or an exhaust leak, or repair on your engine – that’s the work we normally perform. And we’re dedicated to getting you on our way ASAP, with a minimum of fuss, expense, and time.

But isn’t it nice to know we’re looking out for your safety, too?

Our 11-Point VSI is exclusive to The Ultimate Restoration Auto Center. Even if you don’t have work scheduled with us, come in for a FREE inspection anyway – we’re happy to perform it!

Benefits to You

  • Our 11-Point VSI is absolutely FREE to all of our customers for any service that you perform.
  • Takes only about 15 minutes – well worth the time to ensure your family’s safety on the road!
  • Comprehensive – inside and out

11-Point safety inspection, 15 minutes, NO cost to you. Why go anywhere else?

The 11 Points:

  1. Inspect all lights for function and alignment (safety)
  2. Inspect tires for inflation, wear, and physical damage (safety, loss of money, gas mileage)
  3. Inspect wiper blades for streaking, tears, deterioration, (damage to car, safety)
  4. Inspect debris in AC condenser (leaves) and cowling (windshield) that cuts down on proper cooling and airflow (loss of money, loss of performance, safety)
  5. Inspect exhaust components and mounting (while up in the air on our lift), leaks
  6. Inspect suspension components, shocks, struts, bushings for deterioration
  7. Inspect steering components (play in front end), wheel shaking, power steering rack and pinion, and tie rods, ball joints
  8. Inspect for any fluid leaks: engine, transmission, differential, radiator, power steering, fuel
  9. Interior safety inspection; seat belt and dash light testing (checking engine lights)
  10. Battery inspection; check condition of terminals and cranking power (and don’t worry, we won’t lose your radio stations or reset your code!)
  11. Exterior surface inspection check – look for rust, bumper mounting, paint chips, and structural damage, loose parts

These are recommendations only, and only approved by you. We’re not going to push you into additional work if you don’t want to. Remember: your safety is our primary concern!

Questions You Might Have:

  • Q: Why give it away for FREE?
    A: We like happy customers!  Plus, it’s a great way to earn your trust – we’re willing to work for it!
  • Q: Isn’t this just a way to get more money from us?
    A: Nope. It’s a way to ensure your safety on the road.
  • Q: What happens if you do find more problems with my car? Will I be charged for it?
    A: All discovery work is your option – you are not required to get any additional work done or buy more parts. Our job is to advise you on your car’s ‘total health’.
  • Q: Can’t I do it myself?
    A: You can – we LOVE educating our customers! We know that the more you know, the more you’ll see why we’re your one-stop-shop for auto repair, painting, collision, and everything in between. If you take the time to learn what we’re checking for, we’re happy to teach you how to perform the 11-Point inspection, regularly. In fact, we admire you if you take the effort to learn!

Remember, our goal is your safety!

– The Ultimate Restoration Auto Center team.