January 28, 2020

Our Passion: Restorations

Come see some incredible restos.

OK, We admit we’re gearheads.

This auto serviceĀ lives and breathe car restoration. We don’t just do minor ding and collision repair. We have built tens of dozens of cars from the bottom up, and we’re proud of the results (come on in and see our trophy display!)

Are you a gearhead, too?

Body Work. We excel in body work, including underbellies. Sandblasting and treating are standards.

Custom paint jobs. We have an in-house paint mixing system, which means you can work with us by saying, “Just a little more red, please.” Plus, we mix only what we need – that means better for the environment, and less cost to you.

Monster engines. We work closely with Big Al’s Toybox for raw horsepower. We also have a great engine rebuilder.

We've won a few awards with our restos.

Yep, we've won a few.

Our passion is your advantage.

Do you have an old car just hanging around the garage, waiting for your full attention and love? Why put off your abandoned project and come down and see us? We’ll show you case study after case study how we turned ordinary into extraordinary.

Our passion translates to restoration perfection. Isn’t it time for you to get help with yours?

See our passion in action >