January 28, 2020

26 Years Experience

Experience means the best work.

Lew has been running his auto repairĀ business for over 26 years, now. Lew has seen it all, done it all. Our experience sets us apart from our competitors.

Experience means faster turnaround for you.

Experience gives us the advantage, because we can diagnose your problem and fix it right the first time. That means less time for you.

Experience means less money out of your pocket.

Have you ever been to a mechanic and heard the “We’ll have to replace the whole thing,” argument? Doesn’t it drive you mad? Our experience gives us the knowledge to know what’s wrong, and what isn’t.

Experience means better customer service.

We’ve been making customers happy for over two decades. We’ve learned a little about what you need as a customer. Come on in and allow us to show you the Ultimate difference!

Experience means finding the right expert – whether it’s us or not.

We are completely dedicated to your satisfaction. And that means that if we can’t fix your problem, chances are we know who can. We’ll refer you to who we would use.

Meet Lew.

Meet Lew, the mastermind behind the Ultimate Auto Center. Does leadership make a difference in customer service? You bet it does!

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