January 28, 2020

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Ultimate Restoration as your ‘car guy’?

You must be thinking – why choose us? And we’re happy to tell you.

We’re a one-stop shop. (more>)

Why go to 7 auto centers when you can go to one? We have no idea. That’s why we created The Ultimate Auto Center, where you can get all your maintenance, mechanical, and auto body repair in one place.

But we’re not just the ‘standard’ one-stop shop. We do some amazing things through the right tools and experience. Need to forge a new chassis for your tractor? We’ve done it. How about new signs for your fleet service? Absolutely. Want to detail your car to razor-sharp perfection – we’ll take it on.

Being a one-stop shop means going for not just the ‘sweet spots’ of auto services, but the total solution for you. We take on services that others won’t – like chassis repair, welding, and more.

26 years experience. (more>)

Lew is has been doing auto body, repair, and restoration for 26 years, and that means whatever problem you bring us, we can help. If we can’t help, we’ll point you to the experts that can.

An experienced team.

Lew hand-picked his team for knowledge, efficiency, ability, and customer skills. That means you get your job done on time, under budget, and service with a smile.

Excellence in collision repair. (more>)

We pride ourselves in our comprehensive auto body repair solutions. Take a look at some of our amazing fixes!

Our passion: full restorations. (more>)

OK, we admit it: we’re car junkies, and if you’re one too, come on down! In the meantime, see some of our car restorations that have one many awards. Like one customer said, “When your dreams are beyond your abilities, this is the guy that you want to talk to.”

Our priority: education.

We don’t process you like a number. We educate you on what we’re doing and why. That way, you understand the value of our choices for your car and budget. We’ll make you feel special!

Our goal: your lifetime patronage. (more>)

Most of our work comes through referrals. That means we want to please you 100% – so you’ll refer others. If you’ve been burned by other auto body or repair shops, we challenge you to voice those problems to us before we begin. We’ll explain why we’ll do things different, so you feel complete comfort in moving ahead. We want you as a lifetime customer!

The 11-Point Free Safety Inspection

We want you and your car to be safe and sound, every time you drive. Check out our FREE safety inspection! More >