January 25, 2020

Car Shows!

1-28-2011 This is our coverage of the 52nd Annual Frank Maratta Custom Car and bike show. We had a great time, saw a ton of nice rides, and brought home 5 Beautiful Awards, From Best custom, Best interior, Best paint, Best engine, and my favorite: People Choice check it out!


2/19/2011 We just got back from Harrisburg,PA from the 2011 Motorama show. Not only do these guys throw a tremendous show, the vehicle selection of the entire show was amazing and they had Wall To Wall beautiful rides, from cars, trucks and bikes.  They also had a really cool Go Kart track right inside the show and seeing those 80 horsepower rockets go around that short track was pretty amazing.  We had some great luck with the Ultimate Camaro, Bringing home Outstanding Display, Outstanding Weekend Driver Custom, And Award Of  Excellence for finishing in the top 12 out of 400 Cars


3/25/2011: NorthEast Carshow

Wow!! Thats the first thing that pops into my head when i think about this show. The 2011 Northeast Carshow was one to drool over. The Caliber of cars was incredible, the place was jam packed with the most beautiful cars, trucks, Racecars, and even Gokarts. They had several events, Celebrities, models and there was never a dull moment the whole weekend, The live Gokart racing was some Fast Paced indoor fun, and We even Got some Awesome Pictures with Model Krista Elyse with our Ultimate 68 Camaro, and she picked our ride out of 350 Beautiful rides as her personal choice. This is one show we wont miss, Cant wait untill next year!

Zak’s 1997 Toyota Supra Rebuild

We have been making alot of progress on our one of a kind Toyota Supra in the last few weeks, Here is a quick run down on what we have been up to:

We stripped the whole interior of the car. With the extensive work we will be doing to this car it is much easier working with  all these pieces out, and with the welding and straightening we have done to the body, it would have been a serious fire hazard with it in place, not to mention we will be making a ton of dust and we wouldnt want to get that inside. Continue reading “Zak’s 1997 Toyota Supra Rebuild” »

Lew destroys a set of tires in 68′ camaro