January 28, 2020

Great Info, Enthusiast, & Auto Repair Sites

A collection of  links to other websites that we use, enjoy, and consider important for you.

Restoration Service Sites.

  • RingBrothers: Enthusiast site and operating auto restoration center.
  • Gearhead Cars: Another great restoration site located in Sacramento, CA.
  • East Bay Muscle Cars: Another great restoration site located in Brentwood, CA.
  • Chip Foose Designs: The ledgendary Chip Foose’s official website.
  • Livin the low life: A website dedicated to the low riders – Vida Guerra journeys across America experiencing the varying cultural influences and styles of the lowriding community firsthand
  • Year One: Restoration parts (you could build an entire ’65 Mustang from scratch) are sold here.

Auto Enthusiast and Forums.

Motorcycle Enthusiast.

  • CycleWorld: CycleWorld Magazine Online. Motorcycle reviews, comparision tests, events, feature articles, forums and much much more
  • RoadBike: RoadBike covers real motorcycles for street riders ranging from new bike reviews, tech and how, custom and classic motorcycles, tours and more.

Frank Maratta’s Annual Auto & Cycle Show

One of the best known car shows around, the Frank Maratta’s Annual Auto & Cycle Show is in various places throughout the United States.

Lew won Best in Show for New England. See the ’68 Camaro that won the show.

World of Wheels in Boston

The definitive auto show.

Boston World of Wheels.

The Town Fair Tire World of Wheels each year boasts more than 300 dazzling custom vehicles of all types, representing millions of dollars worth of one-of-a-kind hot rods, customs, street rods, collectibles, race cars, antiques, restorations, tuners and more.

Spectators get the chance to meet and get free autographs from celebrities, see specialty vehicles and cover cars from enthusiast magazines and be entertained by many other attractions for the whole family.

Our Passion: Restorations

We've won a few awards with our restos.

Yep, we’ve won a few.

OK, We admit we’re gearheads.

This auto service lives and breathe car restoration. We don’t just do minor ding and collision repair. We have built tens of dozens of cars from the bottom up, and we’re proud of the results. Are you a gearhead, too? Check out the projects below!

1997 Toyota Supra – In Progress.

Were not just about American Muscle here at Ultimate and we like anything that looks cool and goes fast, That brings us to our next big project, our 1997 Toyota Supra.

Here it is the day we bought it, at the old owners house

In the “build” Bay of the shop, no escape now

The bumper was the first to go

Zak putting some work in

When we picked up the car it was mechanicaly stock but had a few changes done to it, namely the body kit and rims, other then that it was just your run of the mill supra.. Thats about to change. Starting with the front bumper first, we decided we were going to cut and modify it to get the one of a kind look we were after.

Follow our Tear Down here as we prepared the car for a Whole lot of body work and a whole new attitude.

1940 Ford Sedan – In Progress.

Here we have a 1940 ford Sedan

Starting with a clean all steel body the sedan has had a few paint jobs and modifications over the years and then it got to us for a fresh start. After taking layers and layers of old paint off, we got down to the nitty gritty of the paint

Welding trunk lid for perfect gap

The first thing we did was line up all panels and cut/ and weld the body seams to get the perfect gap, some metal was taken away, and some metal was added to get clean crisp lines.

Getting Drip Rail Straight, and Fitting Door to roof

Next up we repaired both roof drip rails, and fit the doors to the roof, Older Cars had very poor fit and finish, Alot of metal working and bending goes in to getting perfect gaps.

After Getting the panels fit to the body it was now time to install all latches, this of course required more modification. After getting everything where we wanted, we reinforced the door “strikers” for a more “Solid” door slam.

Fitting the door strikers

Smoothin it out, checking door fitment as we go

Checking trunk fitment

Bare Bones

Once all body panels were fit, and opening and closing as they should, we stripped the car back down to a shell to start the body work.

Now we can concentrate on the shell, the car previously had a smoothed firewall, but the metal was very wavy and stretched out in many places and filled in with a alot of body filler, so we broke out the torches and hammers, and “shrank” the metal back down. Not only did we gain some more room on the firewall, we only need a skim coat of bondo to smooth it back out.

Shrinkin it down a little more shrinking, and ready for hammer and dolly work

A little more Shrinking and its ready for hammer and dolly work

The interior of the coupe is going to be a one of a kind show stopper. Starting with a completly hand made center console, It houses a 5 In 1 gauge that will be keeping tabs on all engine functions, and has a custom owner made bezels for both the radio, and gauge sourround.

Custom center console, and no those are not cup holders on top, they are ducts for the heater

The dash board will be getting a custom pop out center panel