January 25, 2020

Brandon’s 68 Pro Touring Camaro

This car is going to be down right mean. There is no better way to describe this build. Our friend brandon wanted to build a show stopping custom ride, and while thats not uncommon, having a Top notch show car that is going to be driven, and driven hard is. When we got brandons car it was a healthy Big Block, 4 speed, 12 bolt rear end car with a factory disc brake swap. While almost everybody would be happy with a setup like that, He wanted more.. Alot more. So we tore the whole car apart, every last nut, bolt, and wire and stripped it all down to bare bones. Our pal’s at Chris Alston’s Chassis works sent over their top of the line suspension and brake products, including their Front subframe with polished tubular A Arms, Rack and pinion Steering setup, and Massive Wilwood Brake setup, with their Shock Wave Air ride setup. Not wanting the rear to be lagging we ordered up a set of Detroit Speed Mini tubs to except some Huge Rubber, and followed in suit with the front, adding a Chasis Works, Fab 9″ Rear end, 4 link rear suspension with Billet control arms and Splined Sway bar, and matching Shock Wave Air Ride shocks, and Wilwood Brakes. Then in Ultimate Fashion, We smoothed both the Front subframe, and Rear end to set our stuff apart from the rest. With all that Handling and stopping power, we needed some Serious motivation for this ride, and that came in the form of a 2010 Camaro LS3 Engine, and 6 speed transmission, And while powerful at 430hp in stock form, it wasnt enough for brandons heavy right foot so an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger was bolted on top, and with the planned camshaft for that mean rumble and extra horsepower, and the Large tube headers, It will be easily pushing over 600 horsepower. We’ve just started the body work and modifications on the car. The first order of business was smoothing out the firewall for a nice clean look, and modifying the transmission tunnel for our new 6 speed gear box. Next we welded up all locks and handles on the car to smooth out the overall look of the car. We are still in the planning stages on the next step of this build, but stay tuned, this will be one you dont want to miss

Jack’s 1965 Buick Restoration

Our Friend Jack Stetson Brought This 1965 Buick Lasabre down to us for a complete restoration. Thinking he had gotten a car with original paint that needed little body work, we began his project like any else with a tedious tear down, carefully marking and storing all critical parts to this rare beauty. Once we had the car down to its bare bones, we began stripping off the years and years of old paint. Sadly it didn’t take us long to see what was really hidden under the skin, shoddy body work, severe rust spots, and some really crude metal patches. Once jack took a look at what we were dealing with, he gave us the A Okay to revive his beautiful reg top. We started on the inside of car, making our own floors and braces, and turned our attention to the frame and radiator support, both areas that also needed some serious metal attention. We got our foundation of the car all set and installed our new set of body bushings and bolts, replacing the stock ones that withered away. Once we were happy with that we turned our attention to the outside of the body, Carefully working one panel at a time, and fixing all of our rusted and dented area’s so we can use as little body filler as possible. With all of that set, we hit the car with 3 heavy coats of high build primer, and turned our attention to the dingy powerplant, and suspension and brakes, upgrading them all as we go. We added a H.E.I distributor and clutch fan from new models to add reliability, a custom true dual exhaust system, and a front disc brake conversion to bring it all to a halt.  With all of that installed and detailed, we can turn our attention back to the body, for a good block sanding, and another round of primer before paint. With the last coats of primer on, we can finally wetsand the car down for some color. After wet-sanding we  cleaned the car thoroughly, First blowing all of the body shop dust off the car, then getting in all the crevices, followed by vacuuming the car, we repeat this process until the car is free of dust. Then We wash the car getting the last of all the dust and to rid the car of contaminates to insure a nice, clean, paint job, after that we do another round of blowing out all the crevices, and then we taped it up and drove it in the booth for several wipe downs before paint. The paint job came out perfect, and we’re currently reassembling the whole car. Stay tuned

Safe Restoration

Yup, You read that right, a Safe.  Here At Ultimate Restoration we do more then just cars. Here we have a late 1960’s Safe that we restored for a customer of ours, we took it in with many years of damage and a bunch of thick paint. We stripped it down to bare metal and begain doing all of the metal work and fixing all of our imprefections,  then we treated it just like our show winning car restorations by giving it it’s first round of high build primer. Once that was all set we blocked the whole safe down to make sure it was perfectly straight.  Once that was all set we seam-sealed all of our edges, giving it a cleaner then original look. Then we masked the whole inside of the safe up carefully to make sure we got no paint over spray or any debris inside the safe, and wet sanded it thoroughly getting it ready for paint. Once it was set we rolled it in the booth and gave it some new life. After a quick color sand and buff it looks better then new, and is an outstanding piece to put in any home.

Car Shows!

1-28-2011 This is our coverage of the 52nd Annual Frank Maratta Custom Car and bike show. We had a great time, saw a ton of nice rides, and brought home 5 Beautiful Awards, From Best custom, Best interior, Best paint, Best engine, and my favorite: People Choice check it out!


2/19/2011 We just got back from Harrisburg,PA from the 2011 Motorama show. Not only do these guys throw a tremendous show, the vehicle selection of the entire show was amazing and they had Wall To Wall beautiful rides, from cars, trucks and bikes.  They also had a really cool Go Kart track right inside the show and seeing those 80 horsepower rockets go around that short track was pretty amazing.  We had some great luck with the Ultimate Camaro, Bringing home Outstanding Display, Outstanding Weekend Driver Custom, And Award Of  Excellence for finishing in the top 12 out of 400 Cars


3/25/2011: NorthEast Carshow

Wow!! Thats the first thing that pops into my head when i think about this show. The 2011 Northeast Carshow was one to drool over. The Caliber of cars was incredible, the place was jam packed with the most beautiful cars, trucks, Racecars, and even Gokarts. They had several events, Celebrities, models and there was never a dull moment the whole weekend, The live Gokart racing was some Fast Paced indoor fun, and We even Got some Awesome Pictures with Model Krista Elyse with our Ultimate 68 Camaro, and she picked our ride out of 350 Beautiful rides as her personal choice. This is one show we wont miss, Cant wait untill next year!

1969 Mustang Fastback

We got this beautiful 69 Mustang Fastback in our shop to fix a bunch of annoying problems, Dim lights, Non working signals, gauges, radio and HVAC system, along with some other minor adjustments. This was a Fresh fully restored car, that had a bunch of wiring, and vacume line issues that took all the fun out of enjoying this fine american muscle car. The First thing we did was completly strip the dashboard out and see what kind of wiring we were dealing with. The car had a brand new wiring harness, fuse box, and gauge cluster, but was improperly installed and creating several problems in the electrical system. We started from scratch, going over every wire and reparing many bad crimps and connections throughout. We started with the lighting system, and worked our way from there, getting the gauges, a/c system, and radio all wired back up and working again for problem free cruising. Even when you have all new parts, if they are not installed the correct way, nothing will work properly, and it could be potentially dangerous as faulty wiring could be enough to catch a vehicle on fire! Luckily we got to the car before that point, but we found several new components that were fried/ melted because of bad installation. A few solid days of work was all it took to take away the countless problems it had and made it ” get in and go” car the owner wanted.

Bills 1957 MGA Restoration

Here we have Bills  57′ MGA,  Bill has owned the car for a pretty long time now, and it suffered from an old restoration that needed alot of help. The car Wasnt in the worst shape when we got it, but had alot of little holes, and some poorley installed rust patches.  When we get a car with an older restoration we like to strip the car back down to metal to remove all the old material and know what we are starting with. Then we dissassembled the car down to make sure we had Everything fully stripped.

After Stripping the car down, Continue reading “Bills 1957 MGA Restoration” »

Zak’s 1997 Toyota Supra Rebuild

We have been making alot of progress on our one of a kind Toyota Supra in the last few weeks, Here is a quick run down on what we have been up to:

We stripped the whole interior of the car. With the extensive work we will be doing to this car it is much easier working with  all these pieces out, and with the welding and straightening we have done to the body, it would have been a serious fire hazard with it in place, not to mention we will be making a ton of dust and we wouldnt want to get that inside. Continue reading “Zak’s 1997 Toyota Supra Rebuild” »

Lew destroys a set of tires in 68′ camaro

Frank’s 1971 Camaro


Here we have another classic, Frank Natale’s 1971 Camaro. Frank was tired of the old dingy engine bay and brought it down to us for the Ultimate Touch.  The car has a Warmed over 350 chevy, with a nice 5 speed swap for highway cruising.  We brought the car in put her on the lift, and began looking her over and planing our next move. The car was overall very nice, but with a few quirks you would expect with a 30+ year old car. The car suffered from cobbled up wiring, a 5 speed that was put in place with a piece of wood, and overall a dirty greasy engine bay which really killed the beautiful 2nd generation camaro. Continue reading “Frank’s 1971 Camaro” »

Ultimate 1968 Camaro Rebirth

Hey Everybody, this is our documentation of our 1968 Chevy Camaro Convertible Rebirth.  As some of you know this was one of our very first Show cars, after many years in the spotlight, its time for a change. We didnt want to do a minor change, we needed a big overhaul, so we literally ripped the whole car apart for a new engine, interior, Wheels, tires, ect ect  Heres a quick before pic of the car at Boston World of wheels car show in 2009. You Can see photos of  the way the car used to be here.

Boston World Of wheels 2009The First thing that had to go was the dated interior, we wanted a completely new modern style inside with alot of one off custom made pieces made in house by us. Gutting the interior

We were looking for something that would really make our car stand out from the pack, so we designed our own metal center console from scratch.  The center console will be full length and go from the dashboard all the way to the rear seat. We wanted a Smooth and modern looking piece that really “flowed” with the inside of the car. Not wanting to leave the trunk a cluttered mess, we also attacked it with the same treatment Continue reading “Ultimate 1968 Camaro Rebirth” »