November 22, 2019

1968 Chevy Camaro Convertible

About the ’68 Chevy Camaro

The Orange Camaro revisited.

The Ultimate Camaro convertible has been with Lew (his first Camaro and high school car) through many years and many different changes. Taking the show scene by storm in the late 80’s and early 90’s with its Ultimate blue paint, Blown small block, custom interior.

After winning many countless shows, it was taken apart in the mid 90s, and put on the shelf to concentrate on business. After collecting dust for years the car was completely taken apart for a new life.

The motivation for this awesome car? A fully polished 700 horsepower supercharged 355 cubic inch small block Chevy from Big Al’s Toy Box, connected to a Turbo 400 transmission.

Restoration Steps

Starting with a bare shell, the car was rebuilt from the ground up. The floors and undercarriage were striped, cleaned and painted, and a smoothed body colored sub-frame was slid under the car with Wilwood brakes, and chrome suspension components.Taking up the rear is smoothed rearend filled with 4.11 gears and Wilwood brakes for stoping force.

The Body of the Camaro received countless hours of attention and customization. Starting by shaving the body of all trim, door handles, and marker lights to give the body a nice clean look. A custom front hand made valance was made to continue the smooth lines.

After dozens of hours of block sanding the car was sprayed in Ultimate Orange paint (our own mixture), with a custom airbrushed trunk lid as a tribute to his fathers old cars that got him started in the hobby.

Inside the car has a custom hand made dashboard with autometer gauges, and a custom center console, but it will be getting a full custom interior this winter.

Where is it going from here?  We can’t leave well enough alone, so this winter the Ultimate Camaro is getting a host of changes. Look for a bigger, badder engine, a full custom interior, and a new set of wheels and touches, coming to a show near you in 2010.

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Winner at the Boston World of Wheels