January 25, 2020

Custom Paint Jobs

We do custom paint jobs.

So, you want a custom job for your muscle car or hot rod? You’ve come to the right place.

You don’t want an ordinary paint job. You want something that turns heads and stops grown men (and women) in their tracks.

We like that too.

See, we’ve been winning awards for decades with our designs.

Especially for our auto paint jobs.

We’ve spent the last 20+ years perfecting our techniques, learning about different types of paint. Sometimes, it’s science. Sometimes, it’s art.

Did you know that the distance away from the surface you shoot makes a difference in the color? How about the weather conditions that you paint in? Sure, we could punch in color codes and pour out standard colors. But, seriously, this is more fun.

Our in-house paint mixing system.

We have an in-house paint mixing system (there’s a video there explaining benefits), which allows us to accomplish many things that other auto shops just can’t match:

  • We can mix with you, while you’re on site, and do test sprays for custom car paint color.
  • We can match existing auto paint jobs, perfectly. A custom painted matching part, always.
  • We can add things as we go along, according to your specifications.
  • We can work late hours so we don’t have to stop and start, and therefore ensure an even higher color consistency (ever try to get custom paint at 3 in the morning? Not without a crowbar and fast mixing skills.)
  • All of this, of course, leads to this. Feel free to click on the image for a detailed view!

Of course, once you're done, you get to hang out with the Hotties.

Click on this image below for a really great representation of the type of custom paint job that we can do:

Winner at the Boston World of Wheels

We dont stop at just cars, We have a soft spot for bikes too, We saved this customers bike after it was dropped and broke every plastic piece and dented the tank badly. After brining it back from a sad state, we slathered it in a custom yellow pearl paint job.