January 25, 2020

Ultimate Auto Restoration

Car Restoration – from the smallest detail to entire auto restoration.

We don’t just service vehicles and fix radiators. We also do full auto restoration.

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We’ve won awards for it.

Another Camaro that we've won a few awards for.

We’ve been doing auto restoration for over 20 years – and won award after award for our creations.

Your car is special.

You might have an old car that has been in the family for years. Or, you might have bought a muscle car back in the day that has seen better days.

Perhaps you don’t have the time to put the final finishing touches on that monster you’ve been working on for the past 7-15 years.

Or maybe you can’t find the final parts for your ‘well aged’ vehicle.

Another Camaro, this one with the final blue paint job. Our own cars are more the 'muscle' type, but we've restored almost every type of vehicle for customers.

Whatever your project, we can help.

We know full restoration. We’ve taken cars from junkyards and turned them into winners, just part of offering a full car restoration service.

We understand fabrication. Sometimes you can’t find the right part – and we can make them from factory specifications, from scratch.

Perhaps you just need a bit of advice. Can’t figure something out? Come on down and talk shop – there might be an easy solution for locked inside our heads.

Want a custom paint job? We can do that, too. Just take a look at our in-house paint mixing system!