January 28, 2020

Signs Made: Vinyl Printing

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Can your auto body shop do that?

We kinda pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop; for families, for businesses. We can make custom signs for your vehicles that will resist wear and look great for years.

Vinyl signs can come in almost any color, including metallics.

Why it’s better than magnetic signs.

  • vinyl decal sticker are not easy to pull off (like magnetic signs)
  • Thinner than magnetics, and custom decals don’t rub off through bad weather and washing
  • Vinyl signs will never ‘float around’
  • Less expensive

Why car decals is better than painting.

  • Faster to make
  • Cheaper to make
  • Can import designs from other computers graphic files, so you can design it – and we can print it
  • Will never chip or peel like paint will

Meet our decals sticker printing machine.

The Cutter Pros vinyl sign making machine.

ProCut CR1300FB 48″ Vinyl Cutter Laptop Combo is a powerful machine. It allows anyone with graphics abilities to convert their design to an actual vinyl print design.

Also what sets this cutter above our already popular and reliable line of cutters, is the use of ducted channels and a very powerful fan that holds the material flat on the cutter. By doing so, you will eliminate the need of multiple pinch rollers that can mar the material.

What’s this mean for you?

Well, for one, we can make you some pretty interesting signs, for business.

It also means we can create your custom racing decals, if you happen to drive with numbers on the side of your car!

Stop on in and take a look at how, once again, The Ultimate Auto Center is your one stop shop for anything auto!