January 25, 2020

Fleet Services

Testimonials for fleet management solutions.

Testimonial 1:

Steve Edmond, Honda of Westport.

This is an example of the distance a service manager will drive to get the right job done.

Testimonial 2:

Mike Keeler, MKM Property Management

A local business, that went from 1 truck to 7 in just a few years. Ultimate Restoration can offer fleet management and can grow with your business!

We do the fleet servicing of the Danbury Police Department. Hey, if it's good enough for the boys....

You run a business. We keep it running smoothly.

If you have a business with a fleet of vehicles, you know how critical it is to maintain that fleet. If your fleet has even one vehicle down, it leads to a general breakdown in how many customers you can field in any given day. Not to mention the ‘snowball effect’; one more vehicles out of the mix means more wear and tear on the vehicles that are still running.

Why we’re the solution for you.

We know what it takes to make sure your vehicles run right and look right. Ultimate Restortaion is your ultimate fleet manager, We do everything you need all-in-one place; auto repair, auto detailing, and auto maintenance. That means you don’t need multiple services to keep your fleet running.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here are some of the businesses that already use our fleet services:

Chevrolet of Danbury, CT Honda of Westport, CT
other_hoffman_fuel Jennings Oil
Enterprise Electrical Danbury Police

Turnaround and budgeting.

When you meet with us, we’ll detail out an entire fleet management solution plan for you. We take into consideration these factors:

  • Size of your fleet,
  • What type of servicing you do,
  • How the weather affects the wear and tear of your vehicles,
  • How many miles they drive, each day,
  • If they sit for periods of time,
  • What type of operations you perform – is it towing, hauling large weight, subject to ‘dings’ by tools and equipment?
  • What type of condition you want to keep your fleet in – operation to stellar,
  • And what type of budget you have.

Still don’t believe us? Call these people.

You might not know us from Adam. OK, then call our existing fleet customers. They already talked to us about taking calls from interested customers like you.

  • Steven Edmond, Service Manager, Honda of Westport: (203) 254-1111 ext. 35

We also do vinyl printing (signs).

We can also create vinyl signs for your fleet of service vehicles (or race car). See more on vinyl signs >