January 25, 2020


The odd job is the fun job (at least for us, it is).

Reshaping of a trunk compartment on a 1965 Ford Falcon - all part of the job fabrication job.

Lew is crazy about cars, we all know that. But what about tractors?

Okay, we threw you a curve ball there to get your attention. But let’s explain: Lew is crazy about ALL vehicles.

And when you do full auto restorations, especially on older models that might not have parts, sometimes you have to come up with creative solutions to finish the job.

We make car parts.

Yes, we’re that good. Very, very few auto body shops in Connecticut do part custom fabrication. So what’s that mean to you? Well, for one, you now have a contact for fabrication. Two, we have the tools to make the part under budget and fix your problem.

Fabrication out passion.

Lew working over a chassis with a power sander (1968 Blue Camaro in progress).

Lew (and his team) has done plenty of collision repairs and other standard work. But it’s when we get to apply our knowledge to the interesting projects that it gets fun for us. We do all fabrication from classic car parts to custom chassis fabrication.¬†Check out the latest restoration jobs we have going.


We also do welding. Here’s even more information on welding >

Your Call to Action.

Think your vehicle is impossible to fix, because you can’t find the part? Think again. Come on down and explain your very special situation, let’s see if we don’t have a fix for you!