January 25, 2020

Minor Dings

Car Dings happen.

Minor dings can happen anywhere. Shopping cars, car doors in a parking lot, smacking the side of a column in a garage. And if you have kids, you know how many times you’ve watched from the house the kids playing way too close to the car with baseballs and bikes. Also, just ‘loading up’ the car sometimes takes it’s toll; you snag a sharp object on the liner, you ding the door as it closes on your scratch and stuffed trunk.

And you probably let them go. That’s just normal wear and tear of cars, right? Why fix something that will probably be hundreds of dollars if it’s just a small thing?

Most minor dings at our auto center can be…

  • Repaired under 1 hour – while you wait!
  • Repaired under $50.
  • Require no auto painting.
  • Bring your laptop – we have wireless Internet!

Get The Ultimate 11-POINT Visual Safety Inspection FREE with any auto body work we do for you.

It’s less expensive than you might think.

Minor ding repair might not be the most important decision you’ll make all year, but those little dings can add up. A scratch here, paint chip here, a bump there, and voila! A car that doesn’t look quite new.

Let’s face it, your car doesn’t impress anyone (including clients or customers) if your car has some damage; car chips, dings, scratches. And image is important to you.

We can fix all those minor dings fast and at a great price.

What is the benefit to YOU, the customer?

  • Many fixes are under $50. Come on it and get a FREE visual inspection of restoring your car to new! And many fixes are under $50!
  • It’s fast. In most circumstances, 95% of minor dings can be fixed in minutes, while you wait!
  • ‘Ultimate ‘ Paintless Dent Repair. Did you know that many dings can be fixed without painting? That saves you money.
  • In-House Paint Mixing System. If the ding repair or paint chip does require painting, we can mix paint in-house – and that means less time out of your busy schedule.
  • Sit and relax… we have TV, wireless Internet, and coffee waiting for you!

How are we better then our competitors?

We’re faster and less expensive than many auto body repair shops. And we’ll take great care of you while you’re here. We want you to tell your friends about us, and we’ll strive for your patronage!

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