January 25, 2020

Auto Body Repair

Why  use Ultimate Restoration as your auto body shop!

Let’s face it; most auto body repair shops do good, even great work. Auto Shops don’t stay in business if they don’t perform. Most have very highly skilled body work specialists, too. So how is the Ultimate Auto Center superior? Simple: we go farther.

We go farther than just auto body repair.

Your car will look like new. Almost without exception we have customers say, “I can’t even tell where the damage was!” That’s because we are very skilled and use some advanced techniques and our team is highly trained and skilled.

  • Repair car dents
  • Replace auto body parts
  • Sand and refinish paint
  • Align front ends
  • Check and align headlights
  • Paint feathering
  • Check entire car for ‘quick fixes’ – FREE
  • Transport customers to and from work

Get The Ultimate 11-POINT Visual Safety Inspection FREE with any auto body work we do for you.

Since 1985. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, doing the best work. Wouldn’t you rather work with an auto center that has decades of experience?

Customers service is not dead. Need a lift to and from work? We’ll take you. If you would prefer a taxi or rent-a-car, we’ll call for you.

We’re craftsmen. We don’t have to put our heart and soul into our body work, but really… why wouldn’t we? We don’t just look at your damage as a problem to solve, but as a challenge. We have more training and dedication by far than most auto body shops.

We also perform other types of collision repair

Before and after shots.