January 25, 2020

Collision Repair

The best in auto collision repair.

If you get into an accident, the last thing that you want to worry about is whether you can restore your car back to new. It can be a confusing and anxiety-ridden process.

So you want the best in collision repair – you need the experience and team to get you on the road fast, safe, and with a minimum of fuss.

Our collision repair services.

Body Repair

  • Your car will look like new. Almost without exception

    How are we better than our competition?

    • More services rendered – we repair dents, replace auto body parts, sand and refinish, remove oxidation, can mix paint in-house (which saves time and money!), align front ends, headlight straightening, transport you to and from work, front-office free wireless Internet, and more.
    • Did you know that most minor dings can be repaired under $50, while you wait, and without re-painting?
    • Most shops don’t even perform chassis straightening, welding and fabrication – we do.
    • FREE Ultimate 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection!
    Get The Ultimate 11-POINT Visual Safety Inspection FREE with any auto body work we do for you.

    we  have customers say, “I can’t even tell where the damage was!” That’s because we are very skilled and use some advanced techniques and our team is highly trained and skilled.

  • Since 1985. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, doing the best work. Wouldn’t you rather work with an auto center that hasdecades of experience?
  • Customers service is not dead. Need a lift to and from work? We’ll take you. If you would prefer a taxi or rent-a-car, we’ll call for you.
  • We’re craftsmen. We don’t have to put our heart and soul into our collision auto repair work, but really… why wouldn’t we? We don’t just look at your damage as a problem to solve, but as a challenge. We have more training and dedication by far than most auto body shops.
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Chassis Repair

  • Most auto collision repair shops don’t even perform it. Did you know that most auto body shops don’t even do chassis repair? It’s time-consuming and difficult. But we have the experience to fix even the most damaged vehicles.
  • Learn more about chassis repair >

In-House Paint Mixing System

  • We mix our paint in-house and to factory spec. That means no waiting for you!
  • You’ll get a perfect match. Mixing paint on-site allows us to ‘tweak’ the color to just right.
  • No send-backs and waiting. Any car matched, regardless of condition. Even if your car is faded or oxidized, we can match it. And even after additional oxidation occurs to both old and new paint, there is no mismatching.
  • We’ll mix only what you need. We don’t waste paint, because we can make the perfect amount. Most shops that don’t have the paint mixing system, they will call the local paint shop and must get a ‘pint’ of paint, instead of getting fractions. In some cases, that’s $200 and more! In most cases, we cut the cost by 75% of paint costs.
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And what about minor dings?

Did you know that most minor dings can be…

Before and After pictures of our auto collision repair shop.