January 25, 2020

Radiator Flushing


Automobile radiator flushing can save your engine’s life!

This little maintenance issue, that if not done, can lead to overheating, engine exhaustion, and even blown gaskets or strange engine wear issues.

Don’t leave the health of your car to chance.

To keep your car running longer is it suggested to flush your radiator every 30,000 miles. Over time the fluids in your radiator become dirty, stopping them from doing their jobs efficiently. Do not under estimate the importance of a radiator flush.

In fact…

  • Automotive radiator flushing the entire cooling system can help cut down on engine overheating. Worn-out antifreeze does not register properly with gauges, meaning your car could be overheated, without indication.

These fluids simply need to replaced, by doing so you ensure to give your car a longer life span.

We Go Farther than other Auto Shops.

  • We flush the complete cooling system for you, not just your radiator
  • We inspect the thermostats and replace sensors if necessary
  • We inspect cooling and heating hoses, and replace cracked, deteriorated or worn ones
  • We also inspect all drive belts for wear
  • We give your radiator the highest quality anti-freeze.

It’s like getting a new cooling and heating system!

Keep your car running smooth for life! Use anti-freeze.

  • There’s a lot of things that anti-freeze does: it removes heat from the engine
  • It also takes out the impurities (scale, rust) which improves cooling.
  • And for winter: engine is protected to down to -30 degrees.

Did you know that air conditioning can be affected by your radiator?

Since all condensers are located in front of radiators, it will transfer heat to cooling system, meaning your AC system has to work harder. This could lead to engine overheating issue unto itself.