January 28, 2020

Parts & Engine Repairs

Master mechanics that do it all.

Our mechanics are technicians. They have the certifications to prove it.

What do we do?

  • Supply parts for all makes and models, at a fair competitive price
  • Engine repairs – from minor fixes to complete auto engine repair overhauls, including high-end performance engines and full engine rebuilding.
  • Inspect for any fluid or vacuum leaks
  • We listen to the engine closely, and evaluate engine noise, concerns, or issues.

How does this benefit YOU?

  • We don’t just ‘fix your problem’ – we inspect the entire engine compartment for any potential problems you may have in the future.
  • If we do find additional problems, our technicians will inform you of your options, and give you the best plan of action.

Every stop you make at OUR shop gets the 11-point Visual Safety Inspection - FREE of charge.

How we are better than our competition?

  • We take the time and stand behind what we recommend and do.
  • Fully trained and accredited (ASE)
  • We’re not here to simply fix your problem. We’re here to give you the ‘whole picture’ on your vehicle’s health.
  • Over 25 years of experience means simply knowing more than your average auto shop. How many cars does that translate to? Lew has worked over 30,000 cars in his professional lifetime, and that means something.