January 25, 2020

Exhaust Systems

A critical step in engine performance.

If your car exhaust is not sealed, without holes or heavy on wear, power is ultimately lost, and that means a loss performance and money for you.

Let’s face it – we live in some pretty wild temperature extremes. That can mean wear and tear on your car that other parts of the world don’t normally see. Exhaust repair is a service unseen by everybody but still of great importance to maintain.

What do we do?

  • Inspect existing system for leaks, rust, exhaust mounts.
  • Check all gaskets and seals to the entire exhaust system, from engine to end.
  • We do custom exhaust fabrication – for performance, or off-road vehicles.

We go farther than our competition:

  • Inspect for leaks in your exhaust
  • Check for rust
  • Check for clean and secured exhaust mountings
  • We also do welding!

Looking for Ultimate performance?

  • If you own a roadster or muscle car, we can also create an exhaust for top performance. We do all types of welding – TIG, MIG, and acetylene.

What is the benefit to YOU?

Making sure your exhaust is free of rust and leaks is critical in engine performance.

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Improved performance
  • Health benefits – no harmful exhaust coming into the passenger compartment!

How are we better than our competition?

  • A very quick inspection at each oil change interval could prevent expensive repairs down the road. We do this inspection for you, free of charge.
  • We do all types of welding – TIG, MIG, and Oxy-acetylene, brazing – so you get the right weld, and your exhaust stays put, even under heavy performance driving
  • We can also do custom exhaust manufacturing for your ‘special project’ car – whether performance roadster, or off-road monster. Call for details.