January 25, 2020

Engine, Transmission, Exhaust

We’re not just a collision repair shop.

Sure, we pride ourselves in doing excellent collision repair. But we’re a one-stop shop, and that means we take care of the total service of your car.

Throughout the year you might deal with many auto shops for a variety of problems. We bring all those specialists together in one place, under one automotive repair shop – easier for you!

We’re ASE certified (among others…)

Our mechanics are fully accredited and trained auto specialists in the most modern techniques to service your vehicle. Plus, we have the most modern equipment to help us get your job done in record time.

More about specific auto repairs:

3 full bays of our 8 bay shop (6 cars at any time) are completely dedicated to repairs alone. That means we can finish your auto repair quickly and efficiently.

Most auto shops stick to one specialty.

As stated above, most auto shops are EITHER a mechanic shop OR a collision auto-body shop OR an auto painter OR a fleet service specialist. But we do it all, one stop shop car repair.

Why go to 7 auto shops, when you can come to ONE auto center?