January 25, 2020


The engine: it’s the heart of your car.

Did you know that many problems stem from no tune-up? Or, what’s worse, improper tune ups? It’s true. Tune ups are an important step in making sure your car lasts. It also provides the best gas mileage for you, and that means less money over time, which completely outweighs the cost of a car tune up.

Tune-ups extend the life of your car – and help you avoid expensive repairs.

Does your car…

  • Get bad gas mileage?
  • Sputter, lag, or idle poorly?
  • Hard to start?
  • Seem to eat through oil like crazy?

Auto Tune-ups save you $$$.

  • Your car will run better and last longer.
  • You car will cost you less money over time.
  • Better gas mileage
  • Better handling and performance.

Services performed on older cars:

  • Spark plugs checked and replaced
  • Wires checked for hot spots and strange wear.
  • Cap and rotor inspection and tuning.
  • PCV value check.
  • Fuel filter inspection and replacement
  • Air filter inspection and replacement

Services performed on newer cars:

  • Spark plug change
  • Check coil packs
  • Fuel filter check and change (if needed)
  • Air filter change
  • Cleaning of throttle body.

The engine – whether in an old or new car – is a complex thing. Don’t trust it’s function and safety to anyone – come down to the Ultimate Auto Center, where we have every auto service, including auto diagnostic and tune-up services.

Trust the experts that know both older and newer cars.

Whether your car is old or just rolled off the showroom floor, we can keep it running smoothly, efficiently, for the greatest gas mileage.

Newer Car Tune-ups.

Engine design has come a long way since the muscle car. Today, newer engines (almost all cars after 1996) come with more electronics than old-war battleships.

That’s why we carry the latest and best equipment that helps our team diagnose not only problems we find, but give us an entire ‘x-ray’ of your car’s driving history. This is imporant because we can glean much about the overall performance of your car by its history.

Tune-ups on newer cars are usually performed every 30,000 miles.

The ODB II – “On-board Diagnostic System”

OBD II Diagnostic Scanner: It helps us diagnose your entire driving record, and perform maintenance now instead of fixes later.

On-Board Diagnostic systems are on most modern cars. Our automotive diagnostic tool goes by the name of the OBD II.

It was originally designed to create easier emission standards, but has evolved to do far more than that.

Now, the OBD II helps us see the entire history of your driving. It provides engine control, but also monitors part of the car outside the engine, like the chassis, suspension, and body. It, of course, helps us tune the engine, too!

Tune-ups for older cars.

Older cars need some TLC sometimes. By definition they’ve seen more wear and tear than most newer cars, and may have had engine rebuilds, many replaced parts, all of which modify their performance.

  • We’ll tune your car, of course. We own many older cars ourselves. We’ll change the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, and inspect every external engine part for proper functioning, secureness, and integrity.
  • But we’ll also check the entire compartment for leaks, cracks, and signs of overheating. This gives us valuable information about how you drive and how the engine is performing.
  • But we don’t stop there. We’ll also give you the 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection, free of charge (see below).

What is the benefit to YOU?

  • Better gas mileage
  • Less hidden costs now and later
  • Longer life of vehicle
  • More money in your pocket later
  • A problem occurring on a newer car can run you $500-$700 – if you don’t maintain the vehicle.

11-Point Safety Check - FREE with tune-up.

The 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection – FREE.

Every vehicle we service gets an extensive (and did we mention free?) vehicle safety inspection. This is a comprehensive safety check that examines every part of your car for problems. Our goal is to make sure you drive safely and inexpensively. Just another reason that the Ultimate Auto Center is the best choice for any of your auto servicing needs!