January 25, 2020

Tire Rotation

Get peace of mind that you’re safe – and saving money – with tire rotation.

Tire rotation is not just a safety issue. It’s a money issue, too. Rotating tires ‘balances out’ wear patterns on tires, and extends the life of your tires. Hey, they’re expensive. Don’t waste money by overlooking tire rotation.

Did you know that tire rotation…

  • Is essential for tire life?
  • Can stop the car pulling to one side
  • Can prevent future alignment problems,
  • …and therefore save you $$$ in the long run?

We go farther than other tire centers. We check for:

  • Uneven wear patterns
  • Tread depth (5/32″ in Connecticut is the law!)
  • Physical sidewall damage
  • Valve stem damage
  • Damaged or cracked rims, and if that’s a threat to you
  • Previous damage – has the tire been plugged before?
  • Manufacturer specs – and if we think it’s good enough.
  • How you drive and where, and the weather conditions you operate in (like if snow tires are needed)

Tire rotation is essential for long tire life.

If you regularly rotate your tires, your tires will wear properly. That means less money over time for you.

But we won’t stop with just rotate tires. We also check if your tire wear is due to normal wear or improper wheel alignment adjustment.

We can spot right away if the problem isn’t simply your tires. We’ll also educate you on whether you need new tires, and which ones to get.

Did you buy your last set of tires on price alone?

Then you might not have saved any money at all. Getting the right tire for your vehicle and driving style is important in the wear of your tires. We use manufacturer specifications.

“Where the rubber hits the road” is not just an empty phrase; it’s essential for the safety of your and your family.

We go farther than other shops.

We don’t rotate your tires, we educate you on what’s going on. We also check every aspect of your wheels and tires, including inside the wells and car alignment.

The 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection – FREE.

Every vehicle we service gets an extensive (and did we mention free?) vehicle safety inspection. This is a comprehensive safety check that examines every part of your car for problems. Our goal is to make sure you drive safely and inexpensively. Just another reason that the Ultimate Auto Center is the best choice for any of your auto servicing needs!