January 25, 2020

Regular Mileage Service

Did you know…

With regular mileage service, not only will your car run better, but last longer? It’s true. People often skip this important schedule maintenance step, and think that they think they can ‘get away with it’. Your car doesn’t sound bad, so what’s the problem?

But vehicles won’t tell you if they’re going to break!

The problem is your car sometimes won’t tell you what’s wrong until it’s too late. Most problems happen quickly, and before you know it, that little sound means your car won’t start. And preventative maintenance could have kept that problem in the tens or hundreds of dollars, instead of evolving into a thousands of dollars problem. A simple car tune up can stretch your dollar further than you could imagine.

Here are some problems YOU might be having.

Is your car…

  • Slow to start?
  • Makes a strange sound, like squeaking or engine noises?
  • When you step on the gas, does it ‘lag’?
  • Seem hard to control?
  • Get bad gas mileage?

We’ll spot small problems before they get BIG.

  • Your car will run better and last longer.
  • Your car will be safer to drive.
  • You car will cost you less money over time.
  • Better gas mileage
  • Better handling and performance in good and bad weather

Services performed:

  • Oil change
  • Replace wiper blades
  • Top off all fluids
  • Tire rotation if needed
  • Lube all chassis components and hinges (no squeaks!)
  • Align headlights for proper function and safety.
  • Computer diagnostic history check for proper engine functioning.

Inspections made:

  • Check tire pressure
  • Visual inspection of surface metal
  • Check brakes
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Check exhaust for leaks, cracks, and rotted out holes

Every single component on your car is there for a reason. And that means keeping your vehicle in tip top shape is important not only for your pocketbook, but for your safety. Here are some basic no-maintenance problems we see again and again:

  • Overall, minor problems that turned into BIG problems that costs 1000’s of dollars
  • Low  or dirty oil. Reduces performance and gas mileage, hurts engine
  • Vibration in steering that points to an alignment problem that reduces performance and safety
  • Low tire pressure that wears tires fast and are unsafe to drive upon
  • Headlight misalignment that causes accidents due to low visibility
  • Bad windshield wipers that scratch the windshield causing hundreds of dollars damage (and not to mention a ‘fix it’ ticket)

We find the problem before it gets BIG.

OK, so we all know that EVERY shop does regular maintenance, and would be hard pressed to see a true difference between us and other shops. But let’s take a second to understand where we’re coming from: Your safety and cost is important to us. We are here to save you as much money as we can, and alert you to potential costs and expenses in the future, as soon as we can. That keeps you on the road longer, with more money in your pocket.

  • We focus on your final cost and safety.
  • We fully inspect your car through our 11-Point Visual Inspection Safety Check – FREE.
  • We’ll create a regular mileage regimen for you and call you when you need servicing

Case Study: Shaky Steering Wheel

A real example: One customer came to us that was told by other auto shops that he needed hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of work due to bad steering components. We dug deeper, and found that all he really needed is a single ‘belt’ in the tire moved, which caused a vibration in the steering wheel. It cost him less than $50.

Sure, we know we took money out of our pocket and put it back into his, but that’s the Ultimate Difference: we’re smart enough to know that if we save you money now, you’ll come back for more great service and tell others about us. Just one more way we’re showing you that we’re the best.