January 25, 2020

Oil Changes – Fluid Changes

OK, everybody does oil changes. Why come to us?

Oil changes seem to crop up at every moment of life, and most of the time it’s inconvenient. What’s more, it’s simple to do it yourself. But allow us to make the case that you should use a professional for your car oil changes.

We take the time to do the job right.

What is the single greatest loss in the 1950’s? Personalized customer service. And that’s what we aim to bring back for you. We’re not just going to change your car oil:

  • We then top off ALL your fluids. This includes…
    • Power steering fluid
    • Wiper fluid
    • Brake fluid
    • Coolants and anti-freeze
    • Transmission fluid
  • Get FREE with the type of service described on this page.

    Get FREE with oil and fluid changes at Ultimate Restoration.

But we ALSO give your car our 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection, FREE of charge.

  1. Inspect all lights for function and alignment (safety)
  2. Inspect tires for inflation, wear, and physical damage (safety, loss of money, gas mileage)
  3. Inspect wiper blades for streaking, tears, deterioration, (damage to car, safety)
  4. Inspect debris in AC condenser (leaves) and cowling (windshield) that cuts down on proper cooling and airflow (loss of money, loss of performance, safety)
  5. Inspect exhaust components and mounting (up in the air), leaks
  6. Inspect suspension components, shocks, struts, bushings for deterioration
  7. Inspect steering components (play in front end), wheel shaking, power steering rack and pinion, and tie rods, ball joints
  8. Inspect for any fluid leaks: engine, transmission, differential, radiator, power steering, fuel
  9. Interior safety inspection; seat belt and dash light testing
  10. Battery inspection; check condition of terminals and cranking power (and don’t worry, we won’t lose your radio stations or reset your code!)
  11. Exterior surface inspection check – look for rust, bumper mounting, paint chips, and structural damage, loose parts

We also take the time to explain things.

We also take the time to explain to the customer, what the issue, what needs to be done, and how you will be satisfied. Have you every heard of those ‘horror stories’ from other change oil service centers? You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that it’s done correctly.

Let’s face it – you’re not on planet Earth to get poor service. Come to us, and let us show you the Ultimate Difference!