January 25, 2020


Your safety is our greatest concern.

We don’t just slap on new brakes and send you on your way like most car brake service centers; we inspect for wear patterns on discs, and the integrity of your entire brake system. We check your vehicle for…

And, we might just be able to cut your car brake costs in half!

A full auto brake job is expensive – but you might be able to cut your cost in half by coming to The Ultimate Auto Center. Often, vehicles only need a front brake-job. That means when we inspect all 4 of your tires, we might just need to replace the front car brakes.

We go farther than other brake auto shops. We check for…

  • Proper safety
  • Maximum stopping power
  • Dry rot on brake lines
  • Rusted hoses, cracks, and leaks
  • Other, hard-to-find leaks in wheel cylinders, or master cylinders
  • Service lights on your dashboard, and ensure proper engine and brake light function
  • Damaged break slides.
  • Check for ‘even braking’ – very important in snowy or icy conditions
  • Brake disc scoring
  • Squeaky brakes? – we know how to fix them fast!

Bad weather conditions make brakes critical to safety.

If you’ve ever tried to stop in bad weather and your car didn’t perform like it’s supposed to, you know how scary that can be. With proper maintenance, by cleaning and lubing, you get proper gripping.

Even braking means proper stopping power.

One of the most frequently overlooked problems on vehicles is even braking. Sometimes brake pads don’t ‘grab’ evenly, and that means your car can dangerously ‘pull to one side’. This is especially noticeable in snowy or icy conditions. Our brake service make sure the stopping power is even and your car performs as it should.

Cheap brake pads can squeak.

Did you know the quality of the car brake pads can lead to squeaking of your brakes? We’ll check your car’s brake pad quality and let you know if you need another type of pad that will perform better.

Why we’re a great choice for brake repair service.

We spend the extra time. We’ll check your entire brake system, at no cost to you, by making sure that we go over all points, starting from the master cylinder, to the brake lines, to each wheel. Remember, your safety is important to us!