January 25, 2020

Auto Maintenance

Keeping your car on track and low cost.

Types of car maintenance.

We’re dedicated to keeping your car safe, and free from hazar


We don’t just throw on new brake pads like most auto repair service centers- we inspect for wear patterns or ‘scores’ discs, hoses, any leaks, slides – we inspect the entire braking system for your safety. (more on car brakes >)

Cabin Filters.

Did you know that you can circulate viruses and bugs through your car, especially during winter times when your blasting the heater? It’s true. A quick switchout of your cabin filter could keep you healthier through the cold times and flu season. (more on cabin filters >)

Oil & Fluid Changes.

OK, so everyone does it. But do they give you our 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection, FREE of charge as well? We didn’t think so! And, we change change ALL your fluids. Our auto service includes power steering, wiper, brake, coolants, top-grade anti-freeze, and transmission fluids. (more on oil and fluid changes >)

All of our mechanics are ASE – that means your working with trained professionals, that will do the right job, every time.

Regular Mileage Service.

Getting bad gas mileage? Sputtering, lagging? How about oil leaks? These things indicate you should come on in ASAP – it’s cheaper than you think, especially when you consider we can spot the small problems before they become BIG ones. (more on regular mileage service >)

Tire Rotation.

Get the maximum tire life and save money while you do it. Also, doing a tire rotation can prevent alignment damage, which can cost you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars over the long term. (more on tire rotation >)


Did you know that many automotive maintenance problems stem from no tune-up or improper tune ups? Tune-ups are an important step in making sure your car lasts a long, long time. (more on tune ups >)