November 12, 2019


We learned early on the right wheel is important to aesthetics. And we've been winning awards for a long, long time. This pic was taken back in the days of, "What's a digital camera?

Let us help you find the set of rims.

Ever notice how the right type of wheel makes the car, well, just… perfect? We do too.

We have access to a large selection of car wheels and car rims that will make your head spin.

We styled cars for over two decades. That’s professionally, which doesn’t count when we were pups and having fun growing up, working on cars.

The bottom line is, that we’ve seen a few winning designs. Enough to win awards for our designs. And we can do the same for you, too.

So whether you just want for your car to look special, or you want to find yourself in the custom winner’s circle, come to us.

Here is the Boze "Fatal" rim, custom designed.

Whatever the car, whatever the budget.

You might be surprised at some ‘alternate routes’ for wheel selection that will work on your car and are still affordable.

Whatever your budget, we can advise you what type of rim is best for your car. There are many options available – some even from other cars – that might be perfect for your car.

It takes time and thought to pick the right wheel. Come and talk to us – we’re excited about helping you make your vehicle the monster it was meant to be.

AND, we can go WAY over the edge – and help you stand out from the crowd.

How would you like to have custom wheels for your car? That means we can get them suited uniquely for you.

We use Boze Alloys, for this project. They will architect the perfect rim for your Ultimate vehicle.