November 12, 2019

Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles for your car.

Most people style their car with new rims, maybe some aftermarket seats. Then there’s you.

You put the extra time and energy making your car look perfect. Shifters, dials – the little points of style that turn your car from one in thousands into unique.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

It could be a shifter, or vent covers, or even hood scoop. But whatever it is, those little changes show you care more about your car.

Steering wheels. The first thing you see when you enter the car. Most passengers will notice, too.

Grilles. We know you like chrome like we do. Show off your style with fashionable mods – sometimes, much easier to clean. Even the most modern autos have aftermarket grilles.

Headlights. You’re about safety and style. Headlights – halogen or no – are a great styling touch that you can apply quickly, easily, especially for ‘night moves’.

Tint kits. Although we do most tinting by hand, there are some kits out there that are perfect to start with. We’ll determine the least expensive route and apply. Not too dark, however; there are safety concerns.

Exhaust. Make sure they hear you coming before they see you. Is this a safety bonus? That’s what we tell ourselves.

The list goes on and on.

See our auto styling index page for more ides on how to mod your vehicle – links to some of the best sites online for aftermarket parts.