January 28, 2020

Car Detailing

It’s the little things that matter.

Sure, it’s more expensive than a car wash, but then, you’re not simply a driver, are you? You love your car like we love ours. You want the best care for it, and the shine that speaks of ultimate care.

It can be a pain, however, to get all of those bottles of liquid stuff, rags you seem to need Ziplocs for, and what seems to feel like a hermetically sealed garage. And let’s not get started on the power buffers, and the never-ending list of depleting supplies. Maybe you don’t have the time anymore to truly devote to the ‘right job’.

Allow us to walk you through how we detail cars. We’re confident after you’ve read this you’ll want to use our services again and again. Especially after you run into some enthusiasts like yourself.

The Detailing process.

  • External wash. We hand-wash your car with 100% cotton towels for ‘scratchless’ washing.
  • Bug and tar, dewaxing, using gentle chemicals.
  • Clay bar exterior.
  • Orbital machine buffing, compounding exterior to remove scratches, and bring out the luster of your paint job.
  • THEN we waxCarnauba wax – it’s a silicone base with resists UV, acid-rain, salt, snow (and Danbury water). if you’ve never heard of the product before, it’s a lot like rain-X for your entire exterior finish.
  • Then we de-swirl – if you know what it is, it’s annoying. We use an Imperial hand-glaze for the process.
  • Clean and polish rims – preventing buildup in the future.
  • Clean and dress tires with non-aggressive solutions.
  • Clean glass with steel-wool, taking out imperfections, tree sap, bugs and restoring ultimate clarity.
  • Professional glass cleaner on outside and inside of windows – the foamy kind, that gets clarity you can’t get from Windex.
  • Then we detail the entire interior:
    • Vacuum all the nooks and crannies.
    • Shampoo where needed and not harmful to do so.
    • Protectant – many types, specific to material.

Feel the love.

We’re hoping that you see the love that we put into the simplest of projects. You’re talking to car lovers here; don’t settle for less!