January 25, 2020

Brandon’s 68 Pro Touring Camaro

This car is going to be down right mean. There is no better way to describe this build. Our friend brandon wanted to build a show stopping custom ride, and while thats not uncommon, having a Top notch show car that is going to be driven, and driven hard is. When we got brandons car it was a healthy Big Block, 4 speed, 12 bolt rear end car with a factory disc brake swap. While almost everybody would be happy with a setup like that, He wanted more.. Alot more. So we tore the whole car apart, every last nut, bolt, and wire and stripped it all down to bare bones. Our pal’s at Chris Alston’s Chassis works sent over their top of the line suspension and brake products, including their Front subframe with polished tubular A Arms, Rack and pinion Steering setup, and Massive Wilwood Brake setup, with their Shock Wave Air ride setup. Not wanting the rear to be lagging we ordered up a set of Detroit Speed Mini tubs to except some Huge Rubber, and followed in suit with the front, adding a Chasis Works, Fab 9″ Rear end, 4 link rear suspension with Billet control arms and Splined Sway bar, and matching Shock Wave Air Ride shocks, and Wilwood Brakes. Then in Ultimate Fashion, We smoothed both the Front subframe, and Rear end to set our stuff apart from the rest. With all that Handling and stopping power, we needed some Serious motivation for this ride, and that came in the form of a 2010 Camaro LS3 Engine, and 6 speed transmission, And while powerful at 430hp in stock form, it wasnt enough for brandons heavy right foot so an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger was bolted on top, and with the planned camshaft for that mean rumble and extra horsepower, and the Large tube headers, It will be easily pushing over 600 horsepower. We’ve just started the body work and modifications on the car. The first order of business was smoothing out the firewall for a nice clean look, and modifying the transmission tunnel for our new 6 speed gear box. Next we welded up all locks and handles on the car to smooth out the overall look of the car. We are still in the planning stages on the next step of this build, but stay tuned, this will be one you dont want to miss

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