January 25, 2020

Jack’s 1965 Buick Restoration

Our Friend Jack Stetson Brought This 1965 Buick Lasabre down to us for a complete restoration. Thinking he had gotten a car with original paint that needed little body work, we began his project like any else with a tedious tear down, carefully marking and storing all critical parts to this rare beauty. Once we had the car down to its bare bones, we began stripping off the years and years of old paint. Sadly it didn’t take us long to see what was really hidden under the skin, shoddy body work, severe rust spots, and some really crude metal patches. Once jack took a look at what we were dealing with, he gave us the A Okay to revive his beautiful reg top. We started on the inside of car, making our own floors and braces, and turned our attention to the frame and radiator support, both areas that also needed some serious metal attention. We got our foundation of the car all set and installed our new set of body bushings and bolts, replacing the stock ones that withered away. Once we were happy with that we turned our attention to the outside of the body, Carefully working one panel at a time, and fixing all of our rusted and dented area’s so we can use as little body filler as possible. With all of that set, we hit the car with 3 heavy coats of high build primer, and turned our attention to the dingy powerplant, and suspension and brakes, upgrading them all as we go. We added a H.E.I distributor and clutch fan from new models to add reliability, a custom true dual exhaust system, and a front disc brake conversion to bring it all to a halt.  With all of that installed and detailed, we can turn our attention back to the body, for a good block sanding, and another round of primer before paint. With the last coats of primer on, we can finally wetsand the car down for some color. After wet-sanding we  cleaned the car thoroughly, First blowing all of the body shop dust off the car, then getting in all the crevices, followed by vacuuming the car, we repeat this process until the car is free of dust. Then We wash the car getting the last of all the dust and to rid the car of contaminates to insure a nice, clean, paint job, after that we do another round of blowing out all the crevices, and then we taped it up and drove it in the booth for several wipe downs before paint. The paint job came out perfect, and we’re currently reassembling the whole car. Stay tuned

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