January 25, 2020

1969 Mustang Fastback

We got this beautiful 69 Mustang Fastback in our shop to fix a bunch of annoying problems, Dim lights, Non working signals, gauges, radio and HVAC system, along with some other minor adjustments. This was a Fresh fully restored car, that had a bunch of wiring, and vacume line issues that took all the fun out of enjoying this fine american muscle car. The First thing we did was completly strip the dashboard out and see what kind of wiring we were dealing with. The car had a brand new wiring harness, fuse box, and gauge cluster, but was improperly installed and creating several problems in the electrical system. We started from scratch, going over every wire and reparing many bad crimps and connections throughout. We started with the lighting system, and worked our way from there, getting the gauges, a/c system, and radio all wired back up and working again for problem free cruising. Even when you have all new parts, if they are not installed the correct way, nothing will work properly, and it could be potentially dangerous as faulty wiring could be enough to catch a vehicle on fire! Luckily we got to the car before that point, but we found several new components that were fried/ melted because of bad installation. A few solid days of work was all it took to take away the countless problems it had and made it ” get in and go” car the owner wanted.

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