January 25, 2020

Zak’s 1997 Toyota Supra Rebuild

We have been making alot of progress on our one of a kind Toyota Supra in the last few weeks, Here is a quick run down on what we have been up to:

We stripped the whole interior of the car. With the extensive work we will be doing to this car it is much easier working with  all these pieces out, and with the welding and straightening we have done to the body, it would have been a serious fire hazard with it in place, not to mention we will be making a ton of dust and we wouldnt want to get that inside.

We stripped the body. With the interior out we then removed all the glass from the car, This was done so we could strip the entire body of the car down to bare metal, we wouldnt want to leave the glass in place and have to tape around it, and it would be impossible to get the paint stripped under it. With all of that out of the way we could now begin to strip the car down, we did this for several reasons, the first one being that even though the body of the car looked decent, you truely can never know exactly what is under that shiney paint, and we would never want to do our beautiful work over somebody elses mistakes, so we strip it down to make sure the job is done correctly.  When you repaint a car the paint or “material” gets very thick and that is what you dont want, its never a good idea to have a many layers of paint as it has a much greater chance of cracking and chipping and not being as durable, and you can run into serious chemical problems mixing your brand of paint with an unknown brand of previous paint as all brands use diffrent mixes, chemicals, and hardners.

Once we knew we were starting with a good foundation we shot the car with a metal etching primer  and 3 heavy coats of urethene, then  we got to work fitting our one of a kind body kit, and welding and smoothing out the antenna, side marker lights, and rear wiper that we didnt need and offered a cleaner look. After that we concentrated on the small dents, dings, and imprefections, and begain working them and smoothing

With all the heavy body work out of the way,  we hit the car with several rounds of block sanding  to make sure this car is as straight as can be. We then Took the whole car back apart apart and worked on all the areas we couldnt get to with the car all together.  Once that was completed we primed all those areas once again, and put the car all back together to and did a final check of our fit and finish on all the panels, Once we were satisfied with our fit and finish we once again took the whole car apart for the tedious task of sanding.  After days of busting our finger tips sanding the car perfectly down, we were ready to give the car its finial wash and spent hours cleaning, vacuuming out any dirt and dust that could creep into our paint job. Then we rolled it into our booth and began taping to rid our perfect body work of its dull gray primer and throw down a neck snapping color, That we Call Ultimate Dark Plum Pearl.

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