January 25, 2020

Ultimate 1968 Camaro Rebirth

Hey Everybody, this is our documentation of our 1968 Chevy Camaro Convertible Rebirth.  As some of you know this was one of our very first Show cars, after many years in the spotlight, its time for a change. We didnt want to do a minor change, we needed a big overhaul, so we literally ripped the whole car apart for a new engine, interior, Wheels, tires, ect ect  Heres a quick before pic of the car at Boston World of wheels car show in 2009. You Can see photos of  the way the car used to be here.

Boston World Of wheels 2009The First thing that had to go was the dated interior, we wanted a completely new modern style inside with alot of one off custom made pieces made in house by us. Gutting the interior

We were looking for something that would really make our car stand out from the pack, so we designed our own metal center console from scratch.  The center console will be full length and go from the dashboard all the way to the rear seat. We wanted a Smooth and modern looking piece that really “flowed” with the inside of the car. Not wanting to leave the trunk a cluttered mess, we also attacked it with the same treatment

The start of our center console

A little more Welding and Bending

The “shell” Of the front part of the console

Bendin’ Metal and welding.. Doesnt get better then this

Fabricating the Top of the center console

Fitting the console to the dashboard

We also smoothed the top of the dashboard and got rid of the defroster

After Alot of Shaping and Smoothing, things started to take shape

Recessing the Optima Battery, and RCI Fuel cell

After Painting the floor, we Dropped the Optima and fuel cell in for a test fit

We Fabricated some brackets, and cut our own trim panels

After Getting the interior straightend out it was time to lose those old rims

We called up our buddies at BOZE Alloy and get some New rollers

We were happy with our 700HP Small block, but it was time for a change.. Soo out it came

Out with the old

Our new 1,000 Hp Big Block

The giant getting some color

Ultimate Orange and Ready to go

Cleanin up the engine bay before the new monster, Added Fesler Billet Bits Throughout

Droping the Beast In

Layin her in

With the new motor in, it was time to concentrate on the body of this beauty, Were made a few tweaks to the body and blocked the whole car down, After we sprayed a few coats of sealer on it to protect it while the interior gets made.

Our Boze Alloys with BFG KDW Tires

Sealed and Ready for upholstry

Cant Wait for some color!!

Id Like to thank my brother, Owner of Big ALS Toybox For another Awesome Motor

The Guys at Custom Interior & Audio Fitting our new billet switches

New Flaiming River Steering Colum

A boat load of new parts in the trunk

At Custom Interior & Audio, These guys do Great work

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