January 25, 2020

See for yourself – collision repair.

A major front-end collision restored to new, by Lew and his team at Ultimate Restoration Auto Center. Can you tell the difference? Click here for more photos!

See for yourself – collision repair. See for yourself - collision repair.

Can you tell the difference?

Fender benders - we've all had them. At Ultimate Restoration Auto Center, we're specialists in making your car look like it never happened.

Can you tell the difference? Can you tell the difference?


You're special, and you want a car that shows it off. Why have a car that looks 'stock' when you can make your ride draw oooohs and aaaahhhs?

FutureStyle. FutureStyle.

Custom painting.

Do you know we can mix our own paints? It's true. That means you can site next to us and say, "Add a little more red, would you, Lew?" With our in-house painting system, we can match ANY factory color, and create custom colors to your specifications.

Custom painting. Custom painting.

Award-Winning Restos (with a slight modification…)

Awards? We GOT awards. We've built tons of cars from the ground up - from muscle cars, to trucks, ground-huggers and motorcycles. The question is: what are we going to do for YOU?

Award-Winning Restos (with a slight modification…) Award-Winning Restos (with a slight modification...)
Auto Mechanic, Auto Body Repair, and more.

Auto Repair, collision, maintenance & more:

Why go to an 7 auto repair shops when you can go to ONE auto center for all your car repairs?

– Auto Body Shop
– Car Tune Up
– Engine Repair
– Transmission Service
– Auto Detailing & Styling
– Muscle Car Restoration
– Fleet Services
– Fabrication

The Ultimate 11-Point Visual Safety Inspection

11-Point Visual Safety Inspection – FREE

Look for this sticker on pages to get The Ultimate 11-POINT Visual Safety Inspection ABSOLUTELY FREE

ASE Certified Auto Mechanic

Why Choose Us for your auto services?

We’ll take care of you from start to finish, whatever your need. Our goal is your lifetime patronage.

Ultimate Racing & Auto/Car Restoration

Ultimate Racing & Restoration:

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Wanna restore your classic?

We’re here for you. Take a look at some of our current car restoration projects!